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Narrative Video


Performance Piece Peice Peace

Thats me wearing an image of Obama on my head. The brown paper bag is filled with a substance that resembles alcohol, but it's thicker and causes rashes. The video is showing footage of maps with arrows on them. The narrator is saying something, but I felt it distracted the viewer from the maps, so I shut him up. You should be able to hear a speech, but that's Obama not me or the narrator. I couldn't talk because of the liquid in the bag, and since I had Obama's face on my face, I decided to let hm do the speaking. If I had delivered the speech there would have been less pauses and more hand gestures.

-Performance Peace

Performance Piece


I make best killing move. This move kalled PAnG YanG cHOP. PanG Yang Copd is Guud BecausE it let me T O kill aLl the bad guy. now I tell yoo how I make Pang yang chop. This is how i make pang yang chop, i use to work in rice plants garden but now they make me the monk. So because today I go to mountain and all my family are gone.They make me work . The monk no liked how i my face look and they make me the outcast. That is the very sad time. But I have gOOd kung fu and the monk take me back. I is very happy.Now is the funny time. So because I do good kung fu they make it to the master I say my kung fu all noon midnoon to the midnight. And I the best kung fu so in the village i come from. And that s the very good time for the family. No good after because I go back at cold mountain and with the monk. VERY vERY PRouD Time!!!and VERY VeScAAry Time!!! And a master make me to say he happy because my kung fu. And wen I bedtime he take me that he jealous and he stabbed me with he jealousy. So because he kill me and I no make happy family in village. Because that to me he make me angry today. Yesterday i is sad and today i is angry. And that why I make the pang yang chop. And all a deer in the garden no eat rice plant garden and because then I keel them.

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